The unfinished revolution – The Civil Rights Movement

The unfinished revolution – The Civil Rights Movement Introduction Up until recently the most common perspective of the Civil Rights Movement was that it represents a victory for African Americans and overall equality. However, recent unrest that permeated the American society questions such interpretations, as racial tensions are spurring once again. So the question arises – was the Civil Rights Movement successful or not? The roots of the idea For a long time, the story of the Civil Rights Movements began in the early 50s with Brown v.

The hollow victory of African Americans: The US Civil War (1861-1865)

Introduction When talking about the United States history, an unavoidable topic is the Civil War. It is often represented as a struggle for the liberation of African American slaves between the heroic Union in the north and the vile Confederation in the south. Similar descriptions and perceptions can be found throughout mainstream media, school textbooks, various arts, and more. By now it has become a dominant narrative which, despite its appealing image, is somewhat misrepresentative from reality.